Hello 2020 - What's your word of the year?

Hello 2020

Now if you're anything like me, then by now you would be itching to get cracking on the new year at hand. I'm filled with ideas and motivation and as soon as the kids are back at school I'll be gearing up to kick some serious 2020 goals!

But with every new year, its easy to start off super motivated and come mid Feb that motivation and drive soon dies down.

How do we keep focused and keep moving forward? How do we reach those goals and meet the best versions of ourselves?

Word of the year

Over the years the whole 'New year's resolution' idea has lost its impact and its always been focused on kicking bad habits. But what if you're not kicking a bad habit? What if you're just moving the needle towards improving yourself and reaching your life goals? 

Welcome the 'Word of the year'! 

The aim is simple. Select a word or a couple of words that represent what this year means to you. A word that reminds you of where you want to be and keeps you on track towards those goals. Your word should be inspiring, personal and something that really resonates with you as this word has a big job at hand!

Picking your word

Have a think about your top three goals for the year and find a word that describes them or can really sum up your goals. Merische from @dreamyspacesandco created an epic list to get your creativity flowing and to help make selecting that word even easier. 

2020 Word of the year - Dreamy spaces and Co @dreamyspacesandco

Our words

So I guess by now you're wondering what word/s we've selected for 2020. For Hope & Jade we've got some BIG tasks at hand this year so found it a little tricky to narrow it down to just one. 


This word has a dual purpose. In 2020 I'm studying and will be completing a  degree in Interior design. The word 'Educate' keeps me focused on my goal to complete the course. The word also remind me of my purpose which is to help and educate our beautiful customers on all things kids interiors. So everything I learn I'll be passing straight onto you!


2020 is my year to take action! I'm creating a never ending to-do list and I'm making it happen. Fears will be pushed aside and I'll be moving forward full steam ahead to see what I can achieve when I really give it my all.


This refers to my inner growth and goes hand in hand with my other word 'Action'. Growing and pushing past some major confidence issues will help me take action. I also hope that by taking 'action' with my plans and 'educating' myself and my customers even more, Hope & Jade will continue to grow and take on new heights. 


Want to know the best way to stick to those goals? Accountability! Sharing your words with the world will keep you even more focused. Once you've selected your word/s share them with your friends or family. Voice out your goals and rally a team behind you to keep your 2020 on track. It's amazing what we can achieve when we're surrounded by the right people.

Wishing you all a fantastic, goal kicking year ahead! Be sure to share your words with us below in the comments or tag us on Instagram. We would love to help you make 2020 your best year yet!

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