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Kids Room Feature - How to Style a Colourful Kids' Room!

 Here at Hope & Jade we're thrilled to bring you the third installment of our kids' room feature blog. Each month we showcase some of the best nurseries, kids rooms and playrooms on the gram.

Join us each month as we are joined by some wonderful interior stylists who share their top tips and tricks for creating magic in kids spaces! 


We are so excited to introduce you to Emma Parker, mum of three noisy boys from Sydney, who is a toymaker, photographer and lover of colourful styling!

Emma from Squiggly Monkey, a Stylist and ToymakerEmma with her three boys

Welcome Emma Parker, Please tell us a bit about yourself and your family.

Hi, I'm Emma a photographer, a toymaker and a lover of bright colours and gorgeous interiors. We are a family of 5 living in Sydney, with 3 noisy boys and one fluffy dog. 

When did you first get interested in kids interiors?

I have always loved and collect handmade dolls and toys so when I had my 3 boys I just went wild creating colourful rooms for them.

A  Colourful Kids' Room with bright bedspread and wooden toys Contact Emma for collaboration inquiries at @squiggly_monkeys or via www.squigglymonkeys.etsy.com

What styles or themes inspire you?

I love anything light and bright. I just love bright bold rainbow colours mixed with neutrals and light natural wood.

What has been your favourite room to style to date?

My youngest son Max's bedroom is my favourite room to style, he loves really bright colours like me and has not started requesting a superhero room yet!

A Colourful Kids' Room with bright cushions on bed and babydoll with wooden toy bottleEmma loves Max's room with its fantastic bedspread and colour pops of yellow.

What challenges have you faced when styling kids interiors?

I always have to remember to make the room practical and not just pretty. I also have to force myself to declutter from time to time because I want to keep everything forever.

What is your go-to place for inspiration and ideas?

Instagram is definitely my main source of inspiration but I also love interior magazines like Minty Magazine and home reno shows on TV.

Colourful Kids room with bright motivational decorations on wall and wooden toys

What is your favourite feature in your kids' room at the moment?

I just love the bright and colourful bedspread, it is just so cheerful and makes the room look fun and happy, it also tries all the theme colours together.

How have you successfully blended your design ideas with your child's interests in their room?

I think it has come together really well. Max's only request was he wanted yellow and bedtime storybooks. So I made sure there were lots of pops of yellow and the little bookshelf next to the bed is great for holding a few favourite books.  The draped canopy over the bed also makes the bed super cosy for reading. 

How does your child's room represent their personality? 

Max is just a little ray of sunshine and I think I have captured this in his room.

Bright kids room with rattan baby chair and rattan rainbow decoration on wall

How did you decide on a theme for your kids' room?

When the kids are little I always base their rooms around a colour theme and build the look from there. In the case of this room, I started with the bright bedspread that Max choose and I then picked out 3 colours to bring it all together.

What are your top three tips for someone planning a nursery or kids room?

My top tips are: 

1. Always try to stick to just 2 or 3 favourite colours and try to get things that match.

2. Try to find furniture and features made from the same type of wood, so all light wood or all dark wood.

3.  Don't forget storage, you can never have too much storage


A big thank you to Emma for sharing all your tips and ideas with us. To connect with Emma or to hear more about her styling and design services be sure to contact her on Instagram or via email.

Emma Parker  - Instagram  - @squiggly_monkeys


Website - www.squigglymonkeys.etsy.com

Kids room styled by Squiggly Monkeys with red rainbow pennant and mint soft leaf on wooden shelfEmma suggests sticking to 2 - 3 favourite colours for your colourful kid's room. 


Please be sure to join us again next month for the next kid's room feature! We can't wait to share it with you. 
To have your kids room featured on our blog, contact us via the "Work with us" page. 

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