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Back to basics: Planning & painting the perfect nursery or kids room

Creating the perfect space 

One of the most exciting parts of the pregnancy journey has got to be planning the nursery! Its so easy to get carried away eyeballing all the latest trends and themes when it comes to kids spaces and if your anything like me, you've probably had your dream nursery planned even well before conception. But amongst the fun of it all, it's really important to, as I like to say, 'plan for the long haul' and create a room that will be able to grow as your baby grows.

Make a plan

The most important part of creating a room that's going to last is to start with a plan. Start by thinking of the themes or styles you are crushing on. From boho to nautical, from whimsical to Scandi, there's so many different styles and takes on the traditional nursery, the planning stage is crucial to prevent your nursery looking like a hot mess. BUT one of the most important things to remember when planning your theme/style is that trends change! What your crushing on this year may very quickly become dated and with new products coming out every day its important to have a room that is adaptable and grows with your child. 

The best way to keep your room as adaptable as possible is to keep the base neutral! Think of the walls as the base of the room. Picking the wall colours is your starting point, and if you pick them wisely, you will be able to easily update and restyle the room as your babe grows by a few simple décor changes.  

Adding colour and personality to the room using décor pieces while keeping the base of the room neutral ensures you can easily update or restyle the room as trends change with a few simple décor pieces. Nursery styled by @my.little.cutie.pies featuring our grey Peyton rug and white tassel canopy. 

Keep it calm

Innocent, sweet and pure, just like your newborn. Keeping babies nursery in a soft colour pallet can really help to create a sense a calm and serenity which in turn may help promote sleep and hey, we all want that for our newborn!

Another big benefit of keeping the nursery colours soft and quite neutral to begin with is that you can add to it and play around with colours and themes as your babies little personality and interests start to show.

A calm and serene neutral nursery created by @noahand_me featuring our grey & white Aria rug.

Have fun with it

As your littles ones personality really starts to shine, or once you've found the perfect colour pallet to style their room then go for it! Don't be afraid to experiment with colours and shades that are outside of the box. Its becoming more and more common to stray away from traditional colours and to get much more adventurous with kids rooms, in particular play rooms where you can really let the imagination run wild! Get the kids in on it too. Older kids have a ball helping to design their rooms and it really does help to add that personal touch to their space to be sure its somewhere they are really going to love for years to come. 

 Have fun with décor by adding bright or bold colours to your room while keeping the base neutral. Room styled by @lifeofthephilpside featuring our poster size timber print hanger.

 Top picks


  1. Love note - British paints
  2. Vivid white - Dulux
  3. Lexicon - Dulux


  1. Mountain peak - British paints
  2. Highgate - Dulux
  3. Silver button - Taubmans 



And for more tips on adding colour to your little ones room join us for our next blog where we'll chat about all things feature walls! 

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