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Feature Walls: Have fun with feature walls in nurseries and kids rooms


Fun with feature walls

Getting creative and styling kids interiors is now easier than ever with so many options available and so much inspo right at our fingertips #HelloPinterest. Adding a fun, colourful or eye catching feature wall to your little ones room is a great way to start building the theme and colour pallet for the room.

Top tips for feature walls:

  • Pick a wall in the room that is visible as soon as you enter the room for maximum impact.
  • Try to avoid using a wall that has a window or door as your feature wall as this can distract from the design.
  • Keep the other walls in the room quite neutral to give your feature wall maximum effect.
  • Use your feature wall as the starting point of the room with your theme or colour pallet and add to this with complimentary furniture and décor. 

Once you've picked the perfect spot for your feature wall, the toughest decision of all comes down to the technique. From painting to wall paper, from decals to textures, there's so many styles of feature walls out there it can really be a mind boggling task narrowing down what's right for you.

Lets take a closer look at some of the top picks......

Go bold & beautiful

A solid pop of colour can be very underrated! Adding a bold solid colour feature wall to your nursery or kids room gives you the perfect starting point for the design process. A solid colour feature wall can give you the wow factor you're after without over powering the room or taking away from other statement pieces. It allows you free range with your décor and styling and the potential to build layers onto the feature wall with shelving and wall art. 

This amazing feature wall in Ollies nursery adds a wow factor to the room without over powering all the incredible furnishings and décor. By using a solid colour feature wall, Raffaela @everyday.muse has been able to layer the wall with artwork and décor to complete the look.  

Divine Decals

If you're a notorious bedroom shuffler or even if you rent, then wall decals are for you! Wall decals have sure come a long way from the plastic looking stickers that were nearly impossible to remove. But one hot tip for selecting the right decals is you get what you pay for! Quality decal such as @schmooksart and @gingermonkey_ are made using the most luxurious and soft fabric material. They are removable, reusable and even scrunchable! They add incredible colour and texture to your little ones room and can easily be removed and reused without ever damaging the walls #winning.

And I speak from experience here as I have these decals as a feature wall in my girls bedroom and easily moved them thousands of times before I got them right!

Wow oh wow! Michelle @everydaywithus_ has used the Peonies and Butterflies wall decals to create an incredible feature wall in little Isla's room.

Have fun with paint

If you've got creative flair or are keen to add a personal touch, then having fun with paint may just be your thing! But before you try your hand at some free style painting, its important to do some basic prep work which you'll thank me for later. 

Things to remember:

  • Start with a clean and prepped surface. Make sure the walls are free from any dust and residue and be sure to fill any existing holes from previous wall art.
  • Have a plan! As fun as it would be to start painting wildly, map it our first and make sure your design will fit nicely in the available space and won't end up hidden by the bed or furniture.
  • Prep the site. Drop sheets are a must and use quality tape to mark out your design. We recommend Frog Tape to help create super sharp edges and lines. 

A progress picture of my son's feature wall where we had fun with paint and created a light grey mountain design. 

The end result! We created a light grey mountain inspired feature wall in Kaiden's nursery. We kept it neutral to ensure the feature wall didn't over shadow the décor in his room and to allow the feature wall to grow with Kaiden so the room can be easily updated with simple décor changes.  

Walls of wonder

Wall paper has always been well known for its ability to add a great amount of colour, texture and pattern to a room. But it's also well known for being a royal pain in the butt when it comes to applying and removing! Gone are the days of wrestling paste and air bubbles. Innovative brands such as Minnie and Me Interiors have introduced their range of premium wall papers which are a complete game changer! Removable and reusable wall paper with no glues and no tradesmen required #SayWhat. Their extensive range of designs ensures there is something for everyone looking to add a standout feature wall to their nursery or kids room.

When using patterned wall paper, there's a few hot tips to remember:

  • Keep the other walls in the room neutral to give the feature wall maximum effect.
  • Select your décor in colours which compliment the wall paper. This ensures your room blends together and prevents colours clashing. 
  • Avoid adding too many shelves or wall art to the feature wall. Allow the wall paper to be the star of the show.

Alicia @hudson_and_harlow has created an incredible nursery for little Harlow using a wall paper feature wall and styled the room using décor in complimentary colours. Featuring our Ballet of love Swan print


So there you have it! We hope you loved reading about our favourite feature walls and hopefully learnt a thing or two along the way. Stay tuned for our next blog coming soon where we'll chat about adding statement pieces to your kids interiors.

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