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Statement pieces: Our top tips for finding the perfect statement piece for your nursery or kids room

Make a statement

As a mum of three, one of my favourite parts of motherhood has been creating spaces for my children filled with creativity and imagination. Finding ways to build a space that they will love for years to come can be both exciting and challenging! Whether you’re planning the perfect nursery or giving your kids room a revamp, the starting point is simple – finding the perfect statement piece.

A statement piece is simply just that. It’s an item in the room that really knows how to make a statement.  It’s the first thing that draws your gaze when you enter the room and creates that real wow factor. But where do you start with picking the perfect statement piece?

Let’s take a closer look at some of our top tips…

The ultimate wow factor

If you want to go for that ultimate wow factor then you can't go past something shiny! Adding a beautiful, metallic piece to the room that catches the light and draws the eye is a great way to make a statement in your nursery or kids room. Many metallics such as silver, gold or rose gold can blend beautifully with a wide range of solid colours. This means they can be lasting pieces in the room which can be easily updated by simply changing the solid colour decor pieces. 


Something shiny! Havana @thehhouse_ has the most beautiful statement piece in her nursery - the stunning rose gold Ellie cot from Incy Ineriors which looks so beautiful teamed with the various shades of pink. Also featuring our white pom pom throw


Quality is everything

One of my best tips for picking a perfect statement piece, especially one that will grow with the child, is to go with a quality piece. Statement pieces are a focal point in the room so it’s worth spending that little bit more for a quality piece with a real wow factor! And bonus points, a quality piece will also last longer so you can pass it down to younger siblings or family members to get some real value for money.

A beautiful picture by @three.blushing.roses of our white Aria rug as a statement piece in  Chantel's bedroom.


Keep it neutral

This goes hand in hand with purchasing a quality piece. If you have spent that little bit more for lasting quality, then choosing a neutral statement piece is an ideal option as it does allow for much more versatility. With décor trends and our kids favourite themes changing frequently, having a neutral statement piece allows us to simply update the room with small decor changes, all the while the statement piece is still looking as perfect as ever.

A darling picture of sweet Lily @__theques and our white round canopy as the statement piece in her big girl room. 


Colour pop

If you do want to go for something bold and beautiful then go wild! Pick a statement piece that adds a true wow factor to the room with a gorgeous pop of colour. One tip we have for this is to get adventurous with the rest of the room. Rather than blending the room in with the same colour pallet, go bold and choose the colour on the opposite side of the colour wheel. This will make sure your statement piece really stands out and doesn’t get lost amongst the rest of the room.

The colour wheel by Dulux 


So there you have it, our top tips for choosing the perfect statement piece for your nursery or kids room. We hope we’ve inspired you to get creative and have fun planning a space for your little love that they are sure to enjoy for years to come!

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