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Indoor plants made easy! Kid friendly ways to bring your home to life with greenery.

I hear it all the time..."I love indoor plants, but I just can't seem to keep them alive!" 

And its true, indoor plants can be a little challenging. But going into it with a bit of research and a plan makes it so much easier and the reward of thriving, beautiful greenery makes it all worth it!

Here's some of my top tips on how you can add beautiful greenery to the home in a kid friendly way the whole family can enjoy!

Tip #1 - Know your plants

It's all well and good to head out and buy the first indoor plants you see, but if you don't know the plant and how to correctly care for it, then it's days are definitely numbered. 

  • Plan ahead and know your space. Before you head out looking for a plant, work out where it will be located and get an idea of the amount of sunlight, the temperature (check if its near air-con vents etc) and the overall ambiance of the space the plant will live in. This will help you know if you're looking for a plant that needs full sun or low light, needs warmth or can handle cool temps etc.
  • Start off with something easy. When you venturing into the world of indoor plants, research and find the best kill-proof, easy maintenance plants on the market. Succulents are also a great idea as they require very little maintinance and water. Some of our favourites are: Jade PlantSnake Plant (also known as Mother-in-law's tongue) and Spider Plant
  • Follow the care instructions on the tags. Most places such as Bunnings include tags with each of their plants to give you a brief run down on care instructions.

Top Tip - If you have pets or little ones at home be sure to make sure any plant you decide on is kid and animal friendly. Picture source: Pinterest


Tip #2 - Raise it up!

If you're keen at add some greenery but worried about little fingers (or pets!) then hanging plants is the answer for you! Other benefits include:

  • Hanging plants add a beautiful focal point to the room and really amplify the feeling of bringing the outdoors in. 
  • Hanging plants save space! If you're limited on floor space or are trying to avoid more clutter, then adding hanging plants is a great solution.
  • Kid and pet friendly! As a mum of three myself I can totally vouch for hanging plants as they are safely away from little fingers. 
  •  Better sunlight. Hanging the plants helps increase their access to sunlight and can really help the plant thrive compared to when they are hidden on floor level. 

Your local hardware store is the place to go and they will be happy to help you find ways to safely hang your indoor plants. Picture source: Pinterest


Tip #3 - Make it a family affair!

Getting the kids involved in caring for indoor plants teaches them so many valuable lessons (and helps us mums when we forget to water them too!). Most kids love gardening and watering the plants can be a fun little task they can do to help out around the home. 

  • In my home, Miss 8yrs loves watering the indoor plants and each Sunday is plant watering day which she absolutely loves!
  • Teaching the kids about the health benefits of indoor plants is a great learning exercise and can show them that when we care for the plants, they care for us in return. 
  • Not sure if your child is ready for a pet? Start with a plant! Give them the responsibility of looking after and caring for a special plant they can keep in their room. 

Adding greenery in kids rooms not only looks great, but teaches them some valuable lessons too! Picture of Amber's home with beautiful greenery in her son's bedroom @my.little.cutie.pies


Other fun facts about indoor plants

  • Did you know about the health benefits of indoor plants? Plants are natural healers which freshen the air by removing harmful toxins and have even proven effective in reducing stress and enhancing productivity! Read more about the amazing benefits of plants here: Eight Health Benefits of Indoor Plants.
  • Plants can add natural colour and texture to the home creating a more welcoming and tranquil environment. 
  • Instant decor. Not sure what to add in that space in your home? Add a plant! They are well known for helping to make a space feel more complete and are great decor pieces. 
  • Keen to know more about which plants are safe for kids? This article has some great tips on selecting kid friendly plants for the home: 10 child-friendly indoor plants for you home.


A big thank you for joining us and for reading along. We hope to see you again next month as we share more tips and ideas on how you can plan, style and create beautiful kids interiors!

Got a question or want us to cover a special topic in our blogs? Let us know in the comments below.

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