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Toy storage & Toy rotation systems with Ever So Homely

Welcome Ever So Homely

When it comes to de-cluttering and organising the home, Ange from Ever So Homely is top of the list! Sharing her tutorials, blogs and videos, Ever So Homely is packed full of inspiration, ideas and advice on how to turn your home into a place you love!

Here at Hope & Jade we're so thrilled to welcome Ange, the organisation queen behind Ever So Homely to share with us her tips for creating an organised play room and a toy rotation system everyone will love. 

Toy Rotation

First and foremost, before you organise this area, you really do need to do a thorough declutter- and be ruthless. You can also grab an in depth checklist HERE which will help you decide on what you need to keep and let go of, as well as ideas on how to store various types of toys.

Once you have de-cluttered it's time to work out some storage solutions and toy rotation. 

We have various toy rotation spots in our home. There is one in Brooklyn's room (a 2 year old) with specific toys for her age group. We have the Flexi Storage Clever Cube (2 x 4). The top shelves are for a mini toy rotation system. Shelves underneath store baskets with age-specific puzzles, some other toys which get rotated to the top shelves, and also some bulkier items. Brooklyn likes to be close to me especially when the twins are at school so this extra area for her to play near me while I work, works really well.


The other is the playroom where all 3 girls can play together, and where the majority of the toys are located. Currently, the play room has 2 toy rotation stations, a soft toy storage box, a puppet play basket, storage cases for dolls and accessories, a doll house with furniture, a play kitchen set, and a teepee and swing.

I created this area to encourage play, without overwhelm, and with limited choices. Everything has its place, and is quick to pack away.

You can introduce a toy rotation area by adding in some open toy and rotation free independent areas, and by applying some of the below ideas:

- Flexi Storage Clever Cubes from Bunnings

- Kallax range from IKEA

- A book shelf

- A small shelf ladder (Just make sure it is safe and sturdy for your little ones to access)

- Grab some baskets to categorise your selection of toys you wish to display on the shelving. I have used baskets from Bunnings, Kmart and Big W.


- A rug so it is an inviting and comfortable place to play

Locations where you can set up a toy rotation would be in a designated playroom, a bedroom or even the living or dining area. Just remember children still like to be close by especially if they are little (and clingy).


Now to pack away the remaining toys into some storage:

Toy library storage

- Find a location in your home where you would like to store the extra toys. It could be up the top of a wardrobe, within a buffet storage unit, a linen cupboard, spare bedroom, or anywhere that works for you. Make sure all of this clearly labelled. You can grab some picture labels HERE, making it easier for the whole family to identify where things go.

- Use containers that open easily, or even open bins

- Avoid having multiple large boxes, or large toy boxes. Toys will get easily lost and damaged, and unorganised quickly as they are not categorised. Boxes are great to house soft toys only or some bulky items if you wish to keep out of sight.

- Matching storage may seem a little over the top but it is less visually noisy, and will look more organised.

- Have your storage labelled on two sides of the basket/container, so when you swap your toys out, just turn your tub around instead of swapping the whole container

How to utilise a toy rotation system

Swap out the toys as you go/observe the kiddies getting bored; or approximately once a month or so. Swap them out with the toys you have in the toy library. Keep the things that they are staying engaged with, store or toss those that they're no longer interested in. 

The less toys available to them, the less the overwhelm- and they will be engaged for longer periods.

And don't forget to rotate books also.

In the end you need to do what works for you and your family. You may find you are overwhelmed even with the thought of a toy room overhaul but thank your future self when its done. Your home will be less cluttered, there will be more creative and engaged play, cleanup is less of a headache, and by simply rotating you can declutter as you rotate the toys they have outgrown. Popping old toys into new and different baskets also gives them all a new lease of life!

Thank you Ange

A big thanks to the amazing Ange for sharing these incredible tips with us! For more storage and organisation ideas for the home be sure to visit Ange over at Ever So Homely or on Instagram @eversohomely

Thanks for joining us, and be sure to share with us any topics you would love us to cover in future blogs below. 

Alyce x 

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